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ACCUSATION On the sustained wite supremist bastion aka U.$.A - AZ

Discussion in 'General political debates' started by raindeer667, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Oct 10, 2009
    So this was written over a year ago and coincides the rising racism in arizona territory pointing to a generalized stance on some missing historical point of view. <3
    An accusation of the elite force of expropriation-Focus on AZ
    by Miranda X

    AZ State Communities and structural complex in current lifetimes have been programmed to accept naturally a whitewashed amerikkan (genocidal-repression) fable, but uncovering the route toward an amerikkan dream, millions of nightmares where committed-documented in history voided.

    Two major influences of Maricopa county are noticed, one hears the intrinsic well-versed Spanish tongue or will notice a core Mormonism in the area, both historically origin of European lineages.

    Lines on a map divided a homeland to indigenous heritages without a repented explanation to this day. Indigenous people who know these lands are now owned by a wite order that remain clueless to the codified philosophy of natural law passed through down generations.

    Both male and female Anglo ruling class members learned to regard many non-Anglos "unfit" in sharing the graces and attention which is named an "american heritage"-an accusation experienced but known to be true (euro-americans as a continuous image publicly displayed favorably in media, business, commerce, and leadership established a anglo preferred dominance. This forms the paradigm situation where earthly recognized features of humans are favorably to be Anglo god/goddess-like).

    In accessory, amerikkan learning institutions disfavor to mention the suppression and slaughtering of the millions of non-Anglo humans globally. To purposefully avoid these facts in recorded texts overtime, this country's body of man turns their back to those discounted left under and to be forgotten.

    Those facts would slam ones personal understanding, to awaken empathy, and promote human affinity for many others as highly favorable, but also object to those who maintain racism and wite supremacy as unacceptable (eventually turn face and pursue equality).

    Encroaching Monster Brings Gifts...Fierce Alien Intent

    Primarily survival on pre-euro settled land depended upon skills and cooperation among tribal groups, then the light toned immigrants forcefully seized and occupied the already developed habitat-one the Spaniard and then the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) with the drizzle flow between gradually spread dominated.

    The Spanish interest in the rumors of cities of gold in present central-amerikka set expeditions as far north into U.S. Southwest, disappointed to find indigenous communities built of adobe.

    The Southwest, Four Corners, Aztlan, or other names proclaimed for this region has remained open for millennia (even pre-anteduvellian) although in recent times claimed by several governments; maintained however dominated, dissected, and shackled by current conglomerate euro-evolved concepts of thinking and moral (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Sonora).

    Inhabitants who then here crossed by a border and where granted U.S. Living or Mexico living, but dividing indigenous tribal identities and commerce, creating from that point a difference among people of the same origin.

    A religious group escaping persecution traveled westward into 'Indian' territory on a self proclaimed mission to reach "god given" lands to these "chosen" pioneers or LDS appropriating the Wasatch (Salt Lake City) Valley-introducing a wite preference viewpoint into the land.

    For one explored to accumulate riches the other by conformity threatens through force eventually populated the Southwest: both by technology and impetus were unable to incorporate the primary first communities with their eventual Anglo-societal glories.

    Observing present day conditions "Indian", "Mexican", "black", "oriental" labeled groups may be divided by ideas, the corporate propaganda machine (media) has been breached for profit, but still unfavorably effects the ‘non-Anglo’ darker skin toned privilege’ way under the average of typical U.S. "white" ratios.

    Tribal affinity prior to euro-invasions existed without earth ownership border walls, (Metal) Stretching across present U.S./Mex. desert terrain not only divided U.S. settlers and indigenous two legged, but also blocks natural four legged wildlife migrations. In the U.S., indigenous people became removed and denied movement within their homelands to reservations by unmoral liars, their tactics, and strategy-let to mummify during U.S. developments.

    Tribes South of the Mex./U.S. Border then became unrecognized to a chasm of irresponsibility dismissing the fact that before Anglo-border ideas where formulated intertribal relationships where evolved to a manner that the tribes had need for each other, in comparison to U.S. Anglo pursuits to invalidate, exploit, or demonize our nearest neighbors as a resource but not as equals.

    Traveling trade movement in pre-borders amerikka was frequent in the Southwest region which dispersed distant crafts, tools, and foods from different elevations and cultural languages. A noticeable trait resulted of cross-cultural commerce are the offspring of mixed heritages and tribal migrations, most dramatic a noticeable increase of european features among indigenous progeny-sometimes resulting to mixed reactions.

    As the effect of indigenous clans being satiated by a system of wite washed institutional indoctrination, the inherent legacy of the ancestors had turned unflavored, unless to actualize U.S. history as the collection of hypocrisy and tyranny to the indigenous gaining disadvantages from frantic U.S. repression.

    Inter-tribal nations should again set goals to solidify a permanent inter-national agitation due that the indigenous where led not by faltering unknown mysteries, but given an intuitive responsibility it seems, and their philosophical cycle of repair should let begin.

    Observation on Mindset

    As most amerikkan cities or townships, the class gradations are a peculiar ratio of genetic skin tone to residential quality, in favor to Anglo (preference) majority with the better.

    Through historical destructive intention, Anglo-domination purposefully target non-Anglos sadly to extent of pursuing pseudo-science eradication measures (forming eugenics and covert sterilizations) on indigenous tribes and colored health care patients (Planned Parenthood is still around).

    Anglo conceit of civilization on the "wild west" frontier actualizes a "tooth and nail" society revolving around an unsatisfied direction at profiting, added a thriving trend of unchristian hedonism among the patriarchy of frontier time.

    Of the passing century the educated, social, active wite mass dominated the middle-ruling class populated communities. That supported to dissipate any societal powers the non-Anglo and non-voting could develop, but thwarted by that cyclic pro-active politically inherent wite supremacy clique.

    In Phoenix, Arizona there's a rare historical collection of photographs and documentation of local segregation policy enforces "wites only" establishments and public thoroughfare. As the civil rights movement effected gains, the historical PHX racist data efforts to be overseen by given inattention to and is possibly currently lost or deeply out of reach (once was a time of the cherished "good ole' days").

    The southern border media jingoist sensationalizes in favor for the Anglo (amerikkan) preference-paradigm, thus pushing a broadcast edited and presenting sly maneuverings to subliminally introduce invalidating terminology used heartily by 'turbulent' Anglo-dominate nationalist/nativist counter cultures.

    Wite Supremacy/Privileges has also created and been sitting parasitically on a time bomb for decades, even a number of centuries. For there have been a good number of different fuses and theories formulated and expressed, this supplies hope in blowing the weight and bonds of the obsolete "wite" system of domination (still alive and only meant to suppress for profit and self-advantage), and create a smoother working even efficient community.