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Swedish Abuse Manifest 1994-2004 - Ten Years Of Abuse (2011)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Starfighter, Jun 21, 2022.

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Male, 36 years old
    Malmö, Sweden Sweden
    MP3 | CBR 192 kbps | 103 MB

    01 Manifest.mp3
    02 Media Marscherar.mp3
    03 Osynlig.mp3
    04 Pengar Ger Frihet.mp3
    05 Skrik Nu.mp3
    06 Skändad.mp3
    07 Bomba För Frihet Eller Döda För Gud.mp3
    08 Total Carnage.mp3
    09 A Burning World.mp3
    10 Brittle Raft.mp3
    11 With Me.mp3
    12 Bring Out The Witch (In You).mp3
    13 Still In Misery.mp3
    14 Back In The Nineties.mp3
    15 Tomorrow.mp3
    16 I'm Your Way.mp3
    17 Makthavarnas Nya Innedrog.mp3
    18 Belgian Blues.mp3
    19 Fruktans Borg.mp3
    20 Ond Dräkt.mp3
    21 Massgrav.mp3
    22 Mördare.mp3
    23 Gamla Stövlar Går Igen.mp3
    24 Mördad För Sin åsikt.mp3
    25 Kärnvapenpakt.mp3
    26 Bakom Spegeln.mp3
    27 Hans Nedgång.mp3
    28 Sjuka Behov.mp3
    29 Vår Verklighet.mp3
    30 Folkförtryck.mp3
    31 Framtid I Lågor.mp3
    32 Egen Kontroll.mp3
    33 Slagen Av Lögner.mp3
    34 Är Yttrande Ett Brott.mp3
    35 Flyt Med Strömmen.mp3
    36 Kärnkraftsalarm.mp3
    37 No Escape.mp3
    38 Corporation Jesus Christ.mp3
    39 Police Bullies.mp3
    40 Napalm Bombraid.mp3
    41 System Breakdown.mp3
    42 Trapped In A System.mp3
    43 Another Victim.mp3
    44 Facts Of War.mp3
    45 Sick Violence.mp3
    46 Live To See (But Not To Tell).mp3
    47 War, Death And Despair.mp3
    48 Mindreading.mp3
    49 Så Fan Heller.mp3
    50 Towards The End ( Framtid I Lågor).mp3
    51 Remix Of Makthavarnas Nya Innedrog.mp3
    52 Radioactive Dust.mp3
    53 Pengar Och Makt.mp3
    54 Maktens Män.mp3
    55 Vägen Mot Frihet.mp3

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    Manifest 1994-2004 - Ten Years Of Abuse - Discography CD
    Release Date : 2011

    8-Page CD booklet w/ liner notes and pictures from the covers of the vinyl releases.Stated title is from the cover edges. As seen on the cover picture the title on the front is a bit different.

    Abuse Manifest 1994-2004 Biography

    Abuse were a Swedish hardcore / crust punk band from Uppsala, Sweden around the mid 1990's to late 90's the band was active.

    Band members: Joel Zelin, Martin Österlind, Andreas Jonsson (8), Ante Zambon
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Haunted Hotel Records

    American grindcore label and distributor.

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