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A new way of life for me !

Discussion in 'Entertainment and off-topic discussions' started by IamMe, May 20, 2014.

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    Dec 29, 2012
     United Kingdom
    hi all i went to my first real festival this weekend and had a life changing experience. first of i have been to a few festivals. a couple with my parents as a kid (they jumped the fence at glastonbury with me when i was about 6) and i went to a shity rave festival in my home town with the people i hung around with at the time but it was shit we all took crappy E's and puked the whole time.

    a couple of onths ago i got involved with an organisation called majical youth, they are a vouluntry organisation so no oney is involved, they feed the crew and house them in there main camp which is a nice farm in west wales. its like a hippy commune. the work involved is hard but rewarding, we run the kids area at festivals and do things like trampalines, old circus rides like swing boats, cuircus skills, recycaling crafts, we also do marque pitching which is the hardest part (lots of sledge hammers and rope burn) but i find working with kids harder than physical work, but it is rewarding seeing them have a good time due to my hard work.

    so now on to the festival its called something else in essex its a small festival organised and run by a group of punky hippy people. every thing eletrical is run by solar power thats including the stages and the best thing is that theres two big eletrical pylons in the same field as us. the music was mostly punk, dub/reggae, folk punk and stuff like that there were two anarcho punk bands there headjam and inner terrestrials and they blew my mind, it was my first time seeing punk bands live and i danced my fucking ass off for three nights in a row, my legs were in so much pain monday morning :D the home brew cider helped me dance. some of the strongest cider iv'e ever had and the nastiest tasting. i met loads of cool people mostly punks from mid england it was an eye opener for me cos back where i live there is no punk scene, its fucking dead. but i was wearing a crass t shirt and im sure i had some dirty looks of punks because of it, i sheared my shrooms with this crusty girl and she shared her mdma and rum with me then moshed for hours.

    its changed my life i got more confidence than i had 6 days ago and i know theres more people out there like me, its also made e look at life diffrently before i wanted to escape the city i lived in and i thought that meant all citys but now i wanna go into bigger citys to meet new people and hear new music. i still got love for rural enviroments but the music and people are found in the city's. iv'e also fallen in love with travlling. my next festival is next week and i cant wait to get there and have some more good times, good vibes and lots of moshing. \m/

    oh yea and are crew is small and where in need of more voluntiers, free entry to festivals and the doll dont bother you cos your voulntering so if any one in britan is interested let me know and you can come along \m/

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