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A Nervous Introduction

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by kelliegator, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. kelliegator

    kelliegatorNew Member New Member




    Sep 21, 2019
    Visby Sweden
    Hello, I'm Kellie, and... I'm really nervous but I wanted to try saying hello.

    I've been a big fan of crust punk, d-beat and anarcho punk in general for about ten years now, and the reason I became a fan is both because of the aggressive, cathartic sound and the fact that as I was becoming more of an adult, I felt that the punk music I discovered (I'm a former metalhead) said a lot of the things I was thinking when I was figuring things out politically.

    I'm a bit nervous about being here, because I want to admit upfront that I've had some problems getting along with people in the past, but it's not really something I do on purpose. I got some mental illness stuff I'm still sorting out but Sweden's had some problems with mental healthcare lately. But I wanted to give this place a shot because, well, I feel pretty alone, like I don't find enough like-minded individuals, so this is an experiment for me.

    Nice to meet y'all. I hope I can make friends for a change!

  2. punkmar77

    punkmar77Administrator Staff Member Admin Team Experienced member




    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    Cheers and welcome, don't be nervous, the only no no's are clearly outlined in our charter and as long as you keep disagreements civil, you're good.