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Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by nobrains, May 20, 2018.

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    Oi! I'm a hobo from Oklahoma. Nearly been to every state. I'm gonna be hitching to Michigan for construction work soon, then to Oregon for trim season. I'm a great cook and a shitty guitar player. My favorite bands include Stupid Stupid Henchmen, Antischism, Zounds, Contravene, ZAO, Gojira, Skarp, Appalachian Terror Unit, Dirt, Autonomads, & Black Bird Raum. I'm also really into all the gutterfolk/thrashgrass stuff cos those people are my friends. Got my start in the crack rock steady scene. I like to write witchy anti-civ sci-fi, interpretive poetry, & philosophical garbage. I puke up zines everywhere I go. My political leanings are mostly Primitivist-Anarchist, anti-politrix and Taoist. I read a lot and study philosophies of all types. Pacifist who's not afraid to pass a fist.

    I don't think we'll ever get anywhere by voting or pandering to the interests of government, this includes demonstration & symbolic protest or clashing with police for reasons other than survival. True change comes from within the self, real physical change--we have to organize with our actual friends to make our material lives change. Friendship is the basis of any group. Without tactics rooted in the material reality of everyday existence and any so-called "movement" is doomed. Quit your job, move in with your friends, grow a garden, teach and greet others.

    You have the power to heal yourself.
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