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28th Anniversary Of Squatting Köpi 22-25.02

Discussion in 'Europe' started by discrass, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. discrass

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    Jan 1, 2011
    19:00 Uhr Koma F grand re-opeing // Warm up Køpi Birthday // Queergala

    KomaF: "Buio" (Black Metal, Berlin) + Minenfeld (Death Metal, Osnabrück) + Brink Of Despair (Crust, Leipzig)
    Sporthalle: Queergala
    Videokino Peliculoso: Eat the Rich and more

    20:00 Uhr Concert & Party -all Venues

    Aquarium: StreetArt Exhibition by Wuarky (Rome)
    AGH: Timekiller (CrustNoisePunk, US, S-Africa, Bra, Vietn) - Panzer Squad (ThrashMetalPunx, Osnabrück) - Speed Köbra (CrustMePunk, Berlin, D)
    Koma F: Kärzer (Stenchcore / St Petersburg, Russia) - Toxic Minds (Thrash Hardcore Punk / Thessaloniki, Greece) - Trap (Noisy Hardcore / Toulouse, France) - Kuoleman Teatteri (Crust Punk / Greifswald) - Gulag Beach (Punk Rock / Berlin) + after party with "DJ duo Moppi Galoppi & Dirty Jensing A.K.A Creatures Of The Night"
    TEKNO HALL: Discussion: critical analysis of commercialization and un/politicization of the tekno movement - Antinational DJ- and LiveActs: Uindigo (Narcosis/ViolentCases) - Daniel Hall (ViolentCases) - Samoth (exit23) - Sjrs (exit23) - Ira (OSTeRIOT) - Patient 0 (a_ sound)
    Keller: Whack MC - DJ's Timson & AmonRa - Inspector Lars (Rap)

    20:00 Uhr Concert & Party -all Venues-

    Aquarium: "CrimethInc/US" Info/Discussion: Anarchist Resistance in the Trump Era - StreetArt Exhibition by Wuarky (Rome)
    AGH: Shchurdistan (CrustPunk, Israel)- Alteri (MetalPunkCrust, Köln) - Listix (HCPunk, Lille, Fr)
    Koma F: ΧΑΟΤΙΚΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ (Chaotic End Dark Crust veterans / Athens, Greece) - F.I.S.T (Hardcore Punk / Holland) - Social Enemy (Hardcore Punk / Leipzig) - Ostatni (Anarcho-Punk)
    Sporthalle: Superfly 1.3% presents a night of ritualistic body art with live performance of suspension, bondage, live painting, burlesque, audio visual and dj's
    Keller: Rattenbar
    Yard: Fireshow


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    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    Brink Of Despair is Stiv from Visions Of War's new band, correct? Viva Kopi!