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1 in 12 club at trouble!

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by SenI, Nov 30, 2011.

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    PLEASE CIRCULATE: 1 in 12 club members, drinkers and supporters, the club is under serious, imminent threat of closure due to fire regulations. Dedicated volunteers have been doing masses of great work to answer the demands that're being laid on us in the short time we've got, but they can't do it alone. If you care about the club/have cared about it at any point in its 30 years of great work, please make as much of an effort to go there and help out with what needs to be done, and more importantly support the club both financially and happily by drinking and socialising there whenever you can. solidarity, liberty, equality. Get spreading the world guys! what would we do without the place?


    About club:

    The 1 in 12 Club refers to both a members' club and the building in which it is based, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. Owned and run by its membership as a collective based upon anarchist principles, its activities include social and political campaigning, most visibly as a centre for the city's May Day activities the use of the building as a social centre and the promotion of the performing arts - by hosting punk rock bands, and through its own drama collective.

    The club was formed by members of Bradford's anarchist orientated Claimants Union in 1981. The immediate objectives of the club were to generate and sustain a social scene, accessible and affordable to both the low waged and unemployed. The expectation and hope was that this would in turn encourage the anarchist values of self-management, co-operation and mutual aid. The late 1970s and early 1980s saw massive job losses across Britain and Bradford was no exception with GEC and International Harvester shutting plants in the City. Against this backdrop a particularly strong and active Claimants Union emerged which campaigned vigorously to improve the situation for unemployed and low waged people in Bradford When, in 1981 a government investigation into benefit fraud (the 'Raynor Report') found that '1 in 12' claimants was actively "defrauding the state", the union lost no time in adopting this statistic for themselves.

    From the outset the 1 in 12 Club has identified itself with the anarchist principles of self-management, mutual aid and co-operation. As such the 1 in 12 logo has always been placed upon a red and black flag, the historic colours of the international anarchist movement.

    One member commented in 2003: "The club is about having a social space that’s accessible to working class people. We also want a space, a journalistic space if you like, where we can state our ideas. I think it’s about reclaiming what’s ours to reclaim. We don’t have the right to reclaim the Philippines, we do have the right to reclaim Bradford because it’s ours. That’s always been a really strong thing, that Bradford is ours – it’s no more complicated than that really. From that, everything else flows – everything the club’s done.

    Official website of club: http://www.1in12.com/