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“Leftist extremists” attack police and neo-Nazis in Dortmund Germany

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by punkmar77, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    “Leftist extremists” attack police and neo-Nazis during counter-demonstration — Dortmund, Germany

    Violence broke out at a counter-demonstration against a neo-Nazi rally in Dortmund on Saturday. Police said officers were “severely attacked” by about 1,500 “leftist extremists.” Some 200 people were taken into custody.

    Police were reportedly attacked with pepper spray, stones and firecrackers, and several officers sustained light injuries. They responded to the violence with batons and water cannon.

    One police vehicle was also attacked. The clashes came as police tried to keep demonstrators from the two sides apart, as about 400 members of the right-wing camp waited for their rally to begin.

    “The excessive violence against police officers in Dortmund has absolutely nothing to do with democratic protest against right-wing extremists,” police chief Hans Schulze said.

    The number of people injured has yet to be determined. Some 4,000 police officers were on patrol.

    The counter-demonstration was organised in response to a march by about 700 right-wing extremists through Dortmund’s Nordstadt district. Thousands of peaceful demonstrators also took to the streets around the city to protest the neo-Nazi rally.

    Police were expecting about 1,000 far-right marchers, and some 10,000 counter-protesters – among them, about 4,000 demonstrators from Germany’s left-wing scene that could potentially resort to violence.

    Earlier in the day, several hundred leftist demonstrators tried to break through a street barricade, prompting police to use pepper spray and resulting in several injuries.

    Saturday’s anti-Nazi demonstration was organised by the state integration minister in North Rhine-Westphalia, Guntram Schneider.

    On Saturday, Schneider described the annual influx of neo-Nazis in Dortmund – who stage a demonstration each year around World Peace Day – as unacceptable. The city has been home to a raucous right-wing scene for years.

    In 2009, members of the far-right crowd ambushed a demonstration by labour unions in Dortmund to mark May 1 in Germany.


    http://socialrupture.tumblr.com/post/10 ... -neo-nazis

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    Jun 21, 2010
    Wanted to post it yesterdays, but the machine ate it, too bad 'cuz the media response is - besides the ususal "extremist" call - not that bad, maybe because the city of dortmund does a lot against the fucks getting organized and most of the nutzis getting in since last friday came from all over europe to have their annual dance on the streets.
    Dortmunds chief mayor is promoting "well-dosed" blockades against nutzi-marches, although he left the question if he would take part at such a blockade unanswered but gave a statement instead, that he will cooperate closely with the cops.
    The german left party critisized the cops for "not answering the rising level of rightwing violence and demanded more investigation about 16 recent rightwing attacks on various people. Left party Anna Conrads critisized the social democrats and the green party too, she wants them to support a better investigation of rightwings crimes.
    Some nice pictures to keep an old mans hearts warm:
    (nutzis in the fore-ground... :ecouteurs: )

    cairo (Egypt) (SID) - After a football game in the international stadium in Cairo 130 cops were wounded in a serious battle between rioting football fans. During the game against Kima Aswan (4:0) fans of the rekord-master Al Ahli Cairo started to insult the security forces and employees of the ministry of the intern, obviously in context with the role they played during the revolution against former state president husni mubarak.
    After that the rioters blocked a main road in the inner city, setting 13 cop-cars and a number of private cars alight. The army had to intervent to regain control about the situation. 50 cops had to be treated in hospitals.