1. Welcome to the new version of the website! We upgraded and improved the forums with a lot of new features. Please share this website with your friends and contribute to the forums posting new debates or sharing information with the other members. Let's build back the biggest online anarcho-punk community together :)

    In case you missed it, read these threads to see the summary of the recent updates:
    Anarcho-Punk.net - New version
    Introducing the new & improved APN Downloads System
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Popular Assembly - Collective management of the forums

All members with at least 50 posts automatically gain access to this forum. We need your help for various moderation task, please get involved and vote in the polls ! This popular assembly forum is used for various moderation tasks like actions to be taken against members causing trouble and breaking the community charter or bands that should be deleted from the download section.

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    The ANARCHO-PUNK.NET COMPILATION is a collective project building a compilation to support free downloads and non-profit music.We are looking for bands with quality recordings and who would be interessed by the project.
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    Popular Assembly

    Collective management of the forum, by the members themselves. This is where important decisions are taken by the community.
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