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  1. CrudoSoyZine
  2. The Bohemian
    The Bohemian
    Currently resides in a holographic reality.
  3. punkmar77
    punkmar77 AnarchistOfSweden
    Gonna get rid of that GG post, that type of right wing punk baiting thread just is not compatible here. GG was an out and out mysoginist, I know because I played a show with his stupid ass, rape apologist etc.
  4. camps
  5. scream_for_something
    You show me no remorse, I'll show you fucking force
  6. Cod bo2
    Cod bo2
    Hello world
  7. punkfiend71
    punkfiend71 Matth
    hey ,
    let me know what band/cd ii is and I might have it or can get it for you , though I do not know how to send mp3's files , sorry i'm 47 , oldschooler / 80's streetpunker , let me know and message me , thanks bye > tom !
  8. L-Train the Anarchist
    L-Train the Anarchist
    I have read the community charter and agree to abide. Let's change the world! #MakeAnarchismGreatAgain
  9. punkfiend71
    punkfiend71 psykoze
    hey man,
    any real good places down there to find > rare / obscure / o.o.p. cds in genre's > punk / thrash / speed / hardcore/n.y.h.c. , message me and follow me man , thanks , I am in the u.s.
  10. punkfiend71
    punkfiend71 postmodman11
    message me man , what kind of cd collection you have ?, I am in u.s. , pa here , follow me , talk soon man bye > tom !
  11. punkfiend71
    punkfiend71 punkmar77
    hey friend punkmar77 , can you flollow me please , thanks bye man take care !
  12. DEAN Christie
    DEAN Christie
    Hi _rom Dean....
  13. punkfiend71
    punkfiend71 punkmar77
    hi there fellow punker,
    80's oldscooler strretpunk here my friend , tell me about yourself and your cd collection if any ??????, I am in the u.s. (pa) here , I am always looking for > rare / obscure / o.o.p. cd's in oldschool / 80's punk , also other genre's , wanna help eachother out , message me man , take care , cya > tom !
    1. punkmar77
      I may have some overstocked CDs that I've been gifted throughout the years playing shows...I'll look through them...
      Mar 7, 2019
    2. punkfiend71
      hey there fellow punker,
      may I ask what band u in ? , oldschool/80's punk drummer here , I am personally friends with legendary punk drummer > lucky Lehrer of the circle jerks , he is really cool to me , super great punker indeed, tell me about yourself , message me man , cya > tom !
      Mar 10, 2019
  14. punkfiend71
  15. mentalni
    mentalni Nadine_Molotov
    Rattus are/were from Finland not from POland or Polish
  16. mentalni
    mentalni Lardy Cox
    Eu s arse and Impact were bands form Northern Italy too far from Japan
  17. mentalni
    mentalni szoszo
    Kuolema was band from Finland not from Poland. Wrong coast of Baltic sea
  18. dkthrowaway
    dkthrowaway DanishNaziStomper69
    ville bare sige at det nye Ungdomshus lige har fejret 10. fødselsdag sidste år, og at der skam kontinuerligt er blevet spillet punk i KBH siden 80'erne, hvis du skulle have lyst til at kigge ind forbi en dag. :)


    Du kan også stadig nå til K-Town i år:

  19. crassclown
    I am an anarchist
  20. Szymon Zawadka Zawadka
    Szymon Zawadka Zawadka anarcho-punk.net
    Hi everyone my name is Szymon