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  1. Surdez Urbana
    Surdez Urbana
  2. Surdez Urbana
  3. Surdez Urbana
  4. Surdez Urbana
  5. Surdez Urbana
  6. Surdez Urbana
  7. Surdez Urbana
  8. Surdez Urbana
  9. Surdez Urbana
  10. Surdez Urbana
  11. Surdez Urbana
  12. Colbefc
    Colbefc pogo pope
    Hi, sorry I have just noticed this, will try to do it in the next day or so, I am not computer savvy so will have to google how to do it, will let you know when it is done
    1. pogo pope
      pogo pope
      Hi, I'm sorry I don't understand, what are you referring to?
      Aug 4, 2021
  13. Malice
    Cool Beans...
  14. Active.peace
    Oi! Oi! I'm from bandung indonesian, my views on politics, politics is bullshit, my favorite band domesticrust from bandung
  15. Laurent Dubien
  16. Deadinside
    its sad because i need money to buy heroin and heroin seems to make me happy...
  17. Deadinside
    i hate the whole concept of money, and the whole fact that our status in life seems to matter about who has more of it than one on another
  18. Deadinside
    crack is fun :)
  19. Deadinside
    Deadinside SirAnok
    what kind of shirts do u make?
  20. Singe
    I find life's easier when everyones expectations of you are lower