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  1. Dae Dae Essig
    Dae Dae Essig
    I publish the hc/punk zine STOP ALL WARS Fanzine. Get in touch if you would like to trade cassettes, zines or vinyl.
  2. delirio punk
    delirio punk Sonic Chaos
    Hey greatings from Colombia, I am interested in listening to you music. My band is called Delirio punk, we have some song in youtube if you are interested, if you like it I will send you the CD (digital), las mejores amigo!
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    2. Sonic Chaos
      Sonic Chaos
      Jul 23, 2020
  3. TimBroucejan
    Love the life and life love you
  4. smash nazis
    smash nazis Anxiety69
    hey, I saw you posted demos of the band FILTH do you know if the rest of the band's work is available online somewhere? I checked the usual places like soulseek an the pirate bay but i couldn't find it. thanks
  5. delirio punk
    delirio punk kyledewolf85
    Hey man greetings from Colombia!
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    2. kyledewolf85
      Hello, Greetings from New York!
      Jun 28, 2020
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  6. aint ashamed
    aint ashamed The Hat
    Miss you buddy. Hope all is well.
  7. teasybhoy1967
    punks no deed
  8. punkmar77
    punkmar77 kaligoulas
    Please report broken links in a post on the thread.. no need to flag, thank you.
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  9. gamebaidoithuongvn
    Gamebaidoithuong.vn là cổng tin tức game đổi thưởng trực tuyến uy tín và chất lượng nhất tại Việt Nam
  10. Lorna Davies
  11. Tiffany Ronzales
    Tiffany Ronzales
    Dj playing crust, anracho punk, metal and other heavy treats. Black flag anarchist.
  12. dendaomnivora
    Follow My Instagram @dendaomnivora_official
  13. Kalenderidis
  14. MDN5200
    MDN5200 MansonNails
    read my PM please!
  15. Superspindoctor
    Child of Punky-Reggae party
  16. Noblyn11=+
    In a spring groove and happily facing the big world at forty yrs. Infinite kidhood is for good. They shall know so!*!
  17. silly lad
  18. The Hat
    The Hat punkmar77
    Wattie wouldn't talk to people who wore Cra$$ t-shirts, but will pose with anybody wearing a Skrewdriver t-shirt, yet they claim to be anti-racist? Again I call hypocracy on The Exploited's part.
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  19. The Hat
    The Hat punkmar77
    The Exploited are HYPOCRITES
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  20. HNORD