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The Rebel Riot - Punk Hardcore from ? - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

The Rebel Riot

Punk Hardcore Band

Punk band from Yangon, Burma (Myanmar). Formed in 2007 after the onset of the Saffron Revolution. During this time in Myanmar many people were protesting against the oppression and corruption of the military system. The Rebel Riot at this time was made of six members, playing small underground gigs. Over the course of (now) nine years many members changed, but their values have stayed the same.

- Biography -

5 albums

The Rebel Riot - One Day

One Day

Punk, Hardcore
CD Album14 Tracks
Harimau Asia

The Rebel Riot - No Place To Live

No Place To Live

Punk, Oi
CDr Album Live5 Tracks

The Rebel Riot - Fuck Religious Rules / Wars

Fuck Religious Rules / Wars

Cassette Album11 Tracks
Larkin Terror Records

The Rebel Riot - Yangon Calling

Yangon Calling

DVD Album DVD-Video5 Tracks
Fly Fast Records

The Rebel Riot - Puppet Society

Puppet Society

Punk, Oi
CDr Album7 Tracks

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15 Videos

The Rebel Riot

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  The Rebel Riot - One Day - 2021 (Myanmar)

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