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The Ghouls - Punk from United States - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

The Ghouls

Punk Band from United States

The Ghouls were a Streetpunk / punk rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA
No longer active
Members have gone on to form Hate and War. http://www.myspace.com/hateandwar

- Biography -

3 albums

The Ghouls - Stand Alone

Stand Alone

2006 - United States
CD Album12 Tracks
Sos Records

The Ghouls - It

It's Your Time To Die

2005 - United States
CD EP6 Tracks
A.d.d. Records

The Ghouls - We Are The Dead

We Are The Dead

2003 - United States
CD Album12 Tracks
Panic! Inc.

The Ghouls

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