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Strong Boys - Punk Hardcore from Ireland - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Strong Boys

Punk Hardcore Band from Ireland

Dublin, Ireland


Strong Boys are a Hardcore Punk and Queercore band from Dublin, Ireland. They play a fast blend of Oi and Hardcore filled with rough and deep vocals, heavy and fast guitars and bass, and clashing drums, similar to bands such as Negative Approach and 86 Mentality. However though, there is a decent bit of a change from that style though and it lies in that instead of lyrics about being anti-social and the like, the lyrics are about combating homophobia and other related topics.

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- Biography -

4 albums

Strong Boys - Homo


2021 - Ireland
Vinyl 7"4 Tracks
Static Shock Records

Strong Boys - Riot Shock

Riot Shock

2015 - Ireland
Hardcore, Punk
Vinyl LP14 Tracks
Milk Run Records

Strong Boys - Strong Boys 7"

Strong Boys 7"

2013 - Ireland
Hardcore, Punk
Vinyl 7"6 Tracks
Not On Label (strong Boys Self-released)

Strong Boys - Demo


2012 - Ireland
Punk, Hardcore
Cassette EP12 Tracks
Not On Label (strong Boys Self-released)

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Strong Boys

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  Strong Boys - Homo - 2021 (Ireland)

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