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Slave One - Hardcore from United States - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Slave One

Hardcore Band from United States

Named after Boba Fett’s unique starship, Slave One originated in the far-reaches of Fort Worth, Texas, and played piercing, crushing metal-fueled hardcore from 1996-1999.
Members went on to play in Garuda & Caddis.

Band Members :   Nathan Morris, Brian Waits, Brian Green, David Purcell, Matt Thomas

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- Biography -

3 albums

Slave One - Split


1999 - United States
Hardcore, Emo
Vinyl 12"5 Tracks
Sixgunlover, Make A Difference Records

Slave One - Slave One

Slave One

1998 - United States
CD Album7 Tracks
Graham Williams

Slave One - Full Circle / Blurred Vision

Full Circle / Blurred Vision

- United States
Vinyl 7"2 Tracks
Redwood Records

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Slave One

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