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Riot Squad - Punk from South Africa - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Riot Squad

Punk Band from South Africa

Punk band from Cape Town, South Africa, active in the early 80s, at the same time as the UK punk band of the same name. The band later changed the name to "Riot Squad SA" to avoid possible confusion. The UK pressing of "Total Onslaught" was released with that addition, as was the single "Polarisation Time".

- Biography -

3 albums

Riot Squad Sa - Polarisation Time

Polarisation Time

1983 - South Africa
Vinyl 7"2 Tracks
Final Hour Entertainment

Riot Squad Sa - The Second Chainsaw Flexi

The Second Chainsaw Flexi

1983 - South Africa
Flexi-disc 7"2 Tracks
Meat Records!

Riot Squad Sa - Total Onslaught

Total Onslaught

1981 - South Africa
Vinyl 7"5 Tracks
Final Hour Entertainment

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Riot Squad

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