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Prowokacja - Punk from ? - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Punk Band

Polish hardcore/punk band from Ostrów Wielkopolski, Greater Poland. Formed in early 80's (80-81) as Stan Ciężki (Critical Condition) by: "Major", "Chudy", "Arek" and "Hitler". After couple of name changes (one of them was Apartheid which caused them some trouble) they've decided to pick the name Prowokacja. Under that name they played in Jarocin Festival in 1984 sharing the stage with such important polish punk bands at the time as Moskwa and Siekiera. Eventually they've become one of the prizewinners of the 1984 festival (with both mentioned earlier bands). In 1985 the've played at Jarocin Festival as guests. Years 1984 and 1985 were the peak of Prowokacja's popularity. In the next years the band plays less and less gigs. They tried to play one more time at Jarocin Festival - in 1987 - but their they were turned down by Leszek Winder. In 1991 in slightly different line-up the band records a studio album, which as the rumours say was planned to be released by Silver-Ton. Those recordings stay till today as unreleased. The band breaks up somewhere around 1993. Some of the Prowokacja members formed Heroina (5) with musicians who used to play in Okres and La Aferra. In 2012-13 original members Sławek "Major" and Maciej Chudy undertook recording of a new album, but the sesison was abandoned.

- Sławomir Majchrzak "Major" (vocals, lyrics)
- Maciej Chudy "Mały" (guitar, music)
- Jacek Chudy "Slim" (bass)
- Paweł Jezierski "Azor" (drums)
Other members:
- Paweł Jędrzejewski (lyrics)
- Paweł Rutecki "Bimbaj" (bass, 1986-1993)
- Arkadiusz Rajek (bass, 1st line-up)
- Jacek Dwornik "Właściciel" (bass, in Jarocin 1984 festival)

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