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Point Of No Return - Hardcore from Brazil - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Point Of No Return

Hardcore Band from Brazil formed in 1996

Point of No Return was a vegan, straight edge metalcore band. The band started in 1996 as a side project of Self-Conviction members in São Paulo, Brazil. The band's lyrics were focused on "Third World struggles" and animal liberation issues. Point Of No Return's first CD, "Centelha" (Sparks), was released by Liberation Records in Brazil and Catalyst Records in US. Their sound was described as a mix of Earth Crisis metal mosh with death metal elements. The band had three singers, like their North American counterpart, Path of Resistance. The band toured Europe twice, in 2000 and 2002, and toured Argentina in 2001. After a seven months break and a supposed "last show" in Argentina, the band came back with a new album in 2002, "Liberdade Imposta, Liberdade Conquistada" (Imposed Freedom, Conquered Freedom). The songs were more deep and melancholic, but also with a strong influence from bands like Cro-Mags, Judge and Napalm Death. The lyrics, this time completely in Portuguese, dealt about political and social issues. Point of No Return played its last show in 2006.


Alexandre Fanuchi, aka Kalota – vocals

Frederico Freitas – vocals

Marcos Suarez – vocals

Tarcísio Leite – guitar

Paulo Júnior, aka Juninho – guitar

Jefferson Queiróz, aka Tigrilo – bass

Luciano Juliato, aka Lobinho – drums

Gilberto Gomes, aka China – bass


Voices (1997, Liberation Records)

What Was Done (1999, Catalyst Records)

Centelha (2000, Liberation Records)

Sparks (2001, Catalyst Records – Centelha US release)

Liberdade Imposta, Liberdade Conquistada (2002, Liberation Records)

Imposed Freedom, Conquered Freedom (2002, Scorched Earth Police – Liberdade... European release)


Band Members :   Marcos Suarez, Jefferson Queiróz, Frederico Freitas, Luciano Juliatto, Alexandre Fanuchi, Paulo Sangiorgio Jr., Tarcísio Leite

- Biography -

4 albums

Point Of No Return - Imposed Freedom... Conquered Freedom

Imposed Freedom... Conquered Freedom

2002 - Brazil
Vinyl 12"7 Tracks
Scorched Earth Policy

Point Of No Return - Centelha


2000 - Brazil
CD Album8 Tracks

Point Of No Return - Point Of No Return

Point Of No Return

1998 - Brazil
Vinyl 7"4 Tracks
Catalyst Records

Point Of No Return - Voices - A Portrait Of Sao Paulo Hardcore

Voices - A Portrait Of Sao Paulo Hardcore

1997 - Brazil
CD Album Compilation16 Tracks

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3 Videos

Point Of No Return

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