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Morfi Grei - Punk from Spain - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Morfi Grei

Punk Band from Spain

Spanish vocalist from Cornellá (Barcelona). Alias used as stage name by Miguel Ángel Sánchez (4), mainly known for being the vocalist of the seminal punk band La Banda Trapera del Río.

Band Members :   Xavier Julià

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- Biography -

4 albums

Morfi Grei - Cielos Movedizos

Cielos Movedizos

2011 - Spain
Punk, Glam, Hard Rock
CD Album11 Tracks
Munster Records

Morfi Grei - Morfi Y La Banda Trapera Del Río

Morfi Y La Banda Trapera Del Río

1994 - Spain
Punk, Rock & Roll
CD Album Compilation11 Tracks

Morfi Grei - Aliento De Noches

Aliento De Noches

1984 - Spain
Rock & Roll
Vinyl 12"5 Tracks

Morfi Grei - La Losa

La Losa

1984 - Spain
Vinyl 7"2 Tracks

- Videos Morfi Grei -

7 Videos

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