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Lungs - Doom Metal from United States - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Doom Metal Band from United States

Post-Metal, Sludge, Doom band from Minneapolis, MN, US

Jeff Nicholas: Drums, Vocals
Jonas Kromer Yela: Guitar, Vocals
Mike Cushing: Bass, Vocals
Dan Lee: Guitar, Vocals

former member
Sean Tobin - Guitar, Vocals (died in march 2018)
John Olivier - Guitar, Vocals

- Biography -

5 albums

Lungs - Estuary


2019 - United States
Doom Metal, Post-Metal
Vinyl LP5 Tracks

Lungs - As Dust Reaches The Earth

As Dust Reaches The Earth

2015 - United States
Death Metal, Doom Metal
CD Album7 Tracks
Minnesconsin Records

Lungs - Lungs


2011 - United States
Doom Metal
Vinyl 10"2 Tracks
Forward Records

Lungs - Demo


2008 - United States
Post-Metal, Sludge Metal
CD Album3 Tracks
Escucha! Records, Self Inflicted

Lungs - The Pith/ Sermon on the Plain

The Pith/ Sermon on the Plain

- United States
Sludge Metal
Cassette Album2 Tracks
Bezerker Records

- Videos Lungs -

2 Videos

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