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Kronstadt Uprising - Punk from United Kingdom - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Kronstadt Uprising

Punk Band from United Kingdom formed in 1981

Kronstadt Uprising were an anarcho-punk band from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK during the 1980s.


Named in tribute to the events of the Kronstadt rebellion the band were formed in 1981 by Steve Pegrum joined by Spencer Blake, Paul Lawson and Andy Fisher (although in 1982 the band were to become a three-piece with Paul Lawson taking on both guitar and vocal duties). Nick 'Filf' Robinson of the Sinyx was also briefly in the band, providing additional guitar. They recorded their first demo late in 1981, a track of which was picked up by Crass and brought the band wider attention on volume two of the Bullshit Detector series of compilation albums released by Crass Records. During the mid-1980s the band moved away from their original anarcho-punk roots, and began to incorporate influences from glam rock as well as acts such as Johnny Thunders. After a period of many line-up changes KU finally split up in 1986.

The band released two EPs, "The Unknown Revolution" (Spiderleg Records) and "Part of the Game" (Dogrock Records). A twenty three track retrospective CD, Insurrection, which includes most of the band's recordings including demo tapes, etc., was released in November 2000.

Band Members :   Kevin de Groot, Stuart Emmerton, Steve Pegrum, Filf, Spencer Blake, Andy Fisher, Paul Lawson, Gary Smith, Murray Blake

- Biography -

5 albums

Konsdradt Uprising - Insurrection


2000 - United Kingdom
CD Album Compilation23 Tracks
Overground Records

Konsdradt Uprising - Kronstadt Uprising

Kronstadt Uprising

1985 - United Kingdom
Vinyl 7"2 Tracks
Dog Rock

Konsdradt Uprising - The Unknown Revolution EP

The Unknown Revolution EP

1983 - United Kingdom
Vinyl 7"4 Tracks
Spiderleg Records

Konsdradt Uprising - Live At The Grand

Live At The Grand

1982 - United Kingdom
Cassette Album14 Tracks
Menshintsvo Tapes

Konsdradt Uprising - The First Recording Tape

The First Recording Tape

1981 - United Kingdom
Cassette Single Sided8 Tracks
Menshintsvo Tapes

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