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解剖室 - Punk from Japan - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Punk Band from Japan

Kaiboushitsu - Translates as "autopsy suite".

Featuring members of Crow / Death Comes Along / Grave New World / Last Bomb. Japanese punk band named after The Stalin song, heavily influenced by The Stalin and ADK Records bands such as Kikeiji or Masturbation. Their 2010 album "邪" (Yokoshima) is said to be an homage to The Stalin's classic "虫" (Mushi) album.

Band Members :   Bondage, Nabe, Marina Aoyama, Crow

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- Biography -

2 albums

Kaiboushitsu ??? Autopsy Room - 邪

2010 - Japan
Vinyl LP8 Tracks
Hg Fact

Kaiboushitsu ??? Autopsy Room - 髑髏


2008 - Japan
Vinyl 7"5 Tracks
Hg Fact

- Videos 解剖室 -

2 Videos

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