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Guerrilla Urbana - Punk Hardcore from Peru - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Guerrilla Urbana

Punk Hardcore Band from Peru

Hardcore Punk Band from Peru
Their debut at Rock in Rio Rímac finished with bullets and tear gass from the national police. They appeared on Volumen 1 (1985) with Leusemia, Zcuela Crrada and Autopsia. They were the first band who appeared on compilations of independents label of other countries like Germany, England, Denmark, France, Italy, etc. Later changed their name to Ataque Frontal.

Band Members :   José Eduardo Matute, Silvio Ferroggiario, Leo Escoria, Kimba Vilis, Pedro Cornejo

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- Biography -

4 albums

Guerilla Urbana - Guerrilla Urbana / Ataque Frontal

Guerrilla Urbana / Ataque Frontal

2016 - Peru
CD Album Compilation15 Tracks
La Esquina Del Vinilo

Guerilla Urbana - Guerrilla Urbana

Guerrilla Urbana

2012 - Peru
Punk, Hardcore
CD Album Compilation28 Tracks

Guerilla Urbana - Guerrilla Urbana / Ataque Frontal - 1985-1989

Guerrilla Urbana / Ataque Frontal - 1985-1989

1989 - Peru
Hardcore, Punk
Cassette Album Compilation34 Tracks

Guerilla Urbana - Guerrilla Urbana / H.H.H

Guerrilla Urbana / H.H.H

1986 - Peru
Cassette Album26 Tracks
Jungle Hop International

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Guerrilla Urbana

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