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Fatal Microbes - Punk from United Kingdom - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Fatal Microbes

Punk Band from United Kingdom formed in 1978

Fatal Microbes were an English punk rock band formed in 1978. The main line-up of the band consisted of Honey Bane on vocals, Gem Stone on drums, Pete Fender on guitar and Scotty Barker on bass.The band's name is regarded as a reference to the theme of disgust and toxicity, explored and embraced by many punk rock acts in the late 1970s and early 1980.


In 1979 Small Wonder and XNTRIX Records co-released a split 12" EP entitled "Violence Grows", which also featured the Epping-based Poison Girls (whose singer, Vi Subversa, was also mother to Gem Stone and Pete Fender). In the same year Fatal Microbes released a 7" single featuring "Violence Grows" on the punk rock record label Small Wonder Records. The single was championed by British DJ and radio presenter John Peel.Honey Bane later had a career as a solo artist, a film and stage actress and a model. Pete Fender subsequently went on to form Rubella Ballet with Gem Stone (bass) and Sid Ation (drums). Fender later released a 7" EP, "Four Formulas", under his own name on XNTRIX records. Fender and ‘It’ had formed the band Punktuation in 1977. With an average age of 13 years, they were amongst the youngest punk bands in the country at the time.

Scott Barker went on to become a founder member of the legendary 'Old Reenies' (sometimes spelt 'Ol Rene's') with former Sods front man Kevin Jones and former No Warning guitarist Martin Brown. Scott Barker now lives in Spain and continues to perform.

The band's songs were included in the compilation album for Rip It Up and Start Again compilation released in 2006 through V2 Records.

Former members

Main line-upHoney Bane – vocals

Gem Stone (Gemma Sansom) – drums

Pete Fender (Dan Sansom) – guitar

Scotty Boy Barker (Scott Barker) – bassOther former membersIt (Quentin North) – bass

Band Members :   Dan Sansom, Dave Maltby, Gem Stone, Scott Barker, Honey Bane

- Biography -

1 albums

Fatal Microbes - Violence Grows

Violence Grows

1979 - United Kingdom
Vinyl 7"3 Tracks
Small Wonder Records

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