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Eutanasia - Punk Hardcore from Peru - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Punk Hardcore Band from Peru

Punk Rock Band from Peru
(1985-1991)(2011-Still Active)
Used to play music with lyrics which that questioned many aspects of society where they took part. Invited to Ayacucho in times when the terrrorist organizations used to combat frequently with the peruvian national army (1987), a succesful event to them. Anyway returned to made a second gig (1988). The national situation made that their members travel abroad, making the group disbanded. Years later returned to reform and making a Tour called Global Colapso, including many cities of Peru and Santiago de Chile (2011). Supporting Band of R.A.T.A.S. in Quito, Ecuador who presented their album Orgullo Antisocial (2014).

Band Members :   Henry Nakamurakano, Nicolás Morales, Enrique Castro, Hoover Huamán, Dennis Peña, Pepe Mata, Chato Auxilio, Rafo Ráez, Mario Mendoza

- Biography -

2 albums

Eutanasia - ¡Sentimiento De Agitación!

¡Sentimiento De Agitación!

1990 - Peru
Hardcore, Punk
Cassette Album Compilation14 Tracks

Eutanasia - Eutanasia / Excomulgados

Eutanasia / Excomulgados

1986 - Peru
Hardcore, Punk
Cassette Album16 Tracks

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