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Dcl Locomotive - Punk from ? - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Dcl Locomotive

Punk Band

One of the many manifestations of the D.c.L (dadacravatlaboratories).

Recorded a cover version of The Hollies' "King Midas In Reverse" (released 1984 on Reflex Records) and a session for John Peel (1986).

The initial line up recorded "King Midas In Reverse" in 1983.
The line up on this recording consisted of Svor Naan - main guitar riff, Robin Raymond Dallaway - vocals, snare drum, 2nd guitar and tapes, The Shend - bass.

The line up which recorded a session for the John Peel show in 1986 was essentially the same line up as The Very Things: Robin Raymond Dallaway - guitar, The Shend - bass and, Disney Time (Robin Holland) - drums except that Robin Raymond Dallaway was lead vocalist for DcL Locomotive whereas The Shend was lead vocalist with The Very Things.

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