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Civil Olydnad - Punk Hardcore from Sweden - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Civil Olydnad

Punk Hardcore Band from Sweden formed in 2004

Swedih hardcore punk band from Gothenburg, formed in 2004.

They has existed since then without interruptions. The name is Swedish for Civil Disobedience, and our lyrics are critical towards everybody with power and greed.

Bass, Backing Vocals – Hannes
Drums – Eli
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Siken
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Jonte

Band Members :   Eli Hedman, Linus Sikström, Jonte Palmblad

- Biography -

5 albums

Civil Olydnad - Giftigt Avfall x Civil Olydnad

Giftigt Avfall x Civil Olydnad

2020 - Sweden
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl 10"11 Tracks

Civil Olydnad - Civil Olydnad

Civil Olydnad

2012 - Sweden
Vinyl 7"7 Tracks
Civil Olydnad

Civil Olydnad - Europas Undergång

Europas Undergång

2008 - Sweden
CD Album7 Tracks
Buzzbox Records

Civil Olydnad - Promo


2007 - Sweden
CDr Album3 Tracks

Civil Olydnad - Våld Mot Tjänsteman

Våld Mot Tjänsteman

2005 - Sweden
CD EP4 Tracks

- Videos Civil Olydnad -

19 Videos

Civil Olydnad

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