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Besk - Hardcore Punk from Sweden - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Hardcore Punk Band from Sweden

Besk were a Swedish DIY, Anarchopunk, hardcore, crust punk band from Kalmar, Sweden. Besk formed in 1996 and broke up in 2000. Dealing with the same political issues, but with a more brutal sound with elements of metal and crust. During this time they left a mark on swedish anarkopunk. Together with Operation they where pioneers of anarchopunk from Kalmar. Their flyer based lyrics where present during their demos and later on, even the Revolution EP.
For their full length debut, they changed the lyrics into a more direct approach, making the message reach more listeners.
They played their last gig at the Punk & Alternativ 2000, but almost two years after, their last record where released.
Band Members:
Pontus - Vocals
Staffan - Vocals
Danne - Bass
Calle - Guitar
Victor - Drums
Discography -
Besk, demotape Selfreleased, 1996
Öl, demotape Selfreleased, 1997
Krossa, demotape Selfreleased, 1998
Före revolutioen, promo tape Halvfabrikat, HALVPROMO001, 1999-02-26
Revolution, 7" EP Halvfabrikat, HALVEP002, 1999-05-19
The heart of Civilization, CD Arson Records, ARCD003, 2000
The heart of Civilization, 12" LP Halvfabrikat, HALVLP003, 2001-11-30
What went wrong, 7" EP Halvfabrikat, HALVEP005, 2002-03-31
S/T, tape Phobia Records, Phobia 036, 2007

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- Biography -

6 albums

Besk - What Went Wrong 1996-2000

What Went Wrong 1996-2000

2021 - Sweden
Punk, Hardcore
CD Album Compilation29 Tracks
Halvfabrikat Records

Besk - Besk


2007 - Sweden
Punk, Hardcore, Crust
Cassette Album Compilation9 Tracks
Phobia Records

Besk - What Went Wrong?

What Went Wrong?

2002 - Sweden
Punk, Hardcore, Crust
Vinyl 7"5 Tracks
Arson Records

Besk - The Heart Of Civilization / Civilisationens Hjärta

The Heart Of Civilization / Civilisationens Hjärta

2001 - Sweden
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl LP12 Tracks
Halvfabrikat Records

Besk - Revolution


1999 - Sweden
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl 7"4 Tracks
Halvfabrikat Records

Besk - Krossa


- Sweden
Punk, Hardcore, Political
Cassette EP6 Tracks

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