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Autopsia - Punk Hardcore from Peru - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Punk Hardcore Band from Peru

Hardcore Punk Band from Lima , Peru
Formed by students from Champagnat School. Started playing together at Sifuentes, La Victoria (Lima). Their Debut was at Salazar School, then took part at No Helden Discoteque and recorded just a demo Sistema y Poder (1985). Lyrics about anarchism with dark atmosphere. Also made gigs at Ancón, Universidad Católica, Campo de Marte and Concha Acústica del Parque Salazar. Their last and most memorial concert was at Reyes Rojos School (1987). Farfán, Bellido and Figueroa formed after G3.

Band Members :   Silvio Ferroggiario, Fernando Vial, Gabriel Bellido, Guillermo Figueroa, Gonzalo Farfán

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- Biography -

2 albums

Autopsia - Poder, Represión Y Corrupción

Poder, Represión Y Corrupción

2006 - Peru
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl 7"5 Tracks
Discos Sanjuanito, Sin Temores Records, Coche...

Autopsia - Sistema Y Poder

Sistema Y Poder

1985 - Peru
Hardcore, Punk
Cassette Album16 Tracks
Pasajeros Del Horror

- Videos Autopsia -

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