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Asymmetric Warfare - Punk from United States - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Asymmetric Warfare

Punk Band from United States

Asymmetric Warfare, formerly know as KGB Suspect, started as a three piece Seattle band in 2002. Evolved from a highly political street punk group, its current incarnation is a brutal metallic crust band drawing heavily from influences such as, Amebix, Dropdead and Tragedy.

lyrics are driven by the destructive nature of authoritarian systems. Asymmetric Warfare has shared the stage with such acts as Skarp, Iskra, Black Breath and Mouth Sewn Shut, just to list a few.

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Asymmetric Warfare - Asymmetric Warfare

Asymmetric Warfare

2009 - United States
Punk, Heavy Metal, Death Metal
CD Album11 Tracks

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