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A.O.S.3. - Dub Punk from United Kingdom - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Dub Punk Band from United Kingdom

AOS3 formed in Sunderland, UK in 1990, taking their name from the initials of Augustus Owsley Stanley III, LSD chemist and sound engineer. The bands logo comprises interlinked anarchy, peace, Om, and Yin Yang symbols, which together spell out ‘AOS3’.

In the early 1990s before the 1994 Criminal Justice Act the band played on the free festival circuit throughout the UK including the infamous Castlemorton. AOS3 also toured regularly with bands such as Radical Dance Faction, Citizen Fish, Culture Shock and Back To The Planet.

Part of the anarcho punk movement, AOS3’s lyrics reflect the bands political stance. The songs ‘Battle of Trafalgar’ and ‘Dubbin’ Up a Riot’ describe the 1990 Poll Tax Riot in Trafalgar Square, and the bands’ cover of the The AK 47’s ‘Tottenham 3’ protests the innocence of the three men wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of PC Blakelock at the Broadwater Farm Riot in 1985. Other influences are more esoteric such as the works of Robert Anton Wilson.

AOS3 split in 1995, and singer John relocated to London going on to form P.A.I.N with Phil from Radical Dance Faction. AOS3 reformed in 2007, and have since toured with Citizen Fish, and released their third studio album in 2015.

Band members also played in bands:
Radical Dance Faction
Legion Of Dynamic Dischord
less (London, England)

Band Members :   John Horabin, Colin Cumpson, Andy Brown, Moonie, Peter, Bill, Erl, Keri McCormick

- Biography -

10 albums

Aos3 - Far And Few

Far And Few

2015 - United Kingdom
Ska, Punk, Psychedelic Rock
CD Album13 Tracks

Aos3 - Diversionary Tactics

Diversionary Tactics

1995 - United Kingdom
Punk, Ska, Dub
CD Album8 Tracks
Inna State Records

Aos3 - God

God's Secret Agent

1994 - United Kingdom
Ska, Dub
Vinyl LP10 Tracks
Words Of Warning

Aos3 - TV Dinner / Conspiracy

TV Dinner / Conspiracy

1993 - United Kingdom
Punk, Dub
Vinyl 7"3 Tracks
Bluurg Records

Aos3 - Keep On Fighting

Keep On Fighting

1992 - United Kingdom
Punk, Dub
Cassette Album15 Tracks
Newtown Tapes

Aos3 - "Apparently We Had A Great Time..."

"Apparently We Had A Great Time..."

1992 - United Kingdom
Ska, Punk, Dub
Cassette Album14 Tracks

Aos3 - Tottenham 3

Tottenham 3

1992 - United Kingdom
Vinyl 7"2 Tracks
Words Of Warning

Aos3 - Owsley


1991 - United Kingdom
Punk, Dub, Reggae
Cassette Album13 Tracks
Bluurg Tapes

Aos3 - AOS3


1990 - United Kingdom
Ska, Dub
Cassette Single Sided6 Tracks
Not On Label (a.o.s.3. Self-released)

Aos3 - On A Knight Train

On A Knight Train

- United Kingdom
Breaks, Acid, Dub
Vinyl 12"2 Tracks
Inna State Records

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