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Al-Thawra - Punk Hardcore from United States - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Punk Hardcore Band from United States

Al Thawra is an oriental doom-crust punk band from Chicago. Their music and lyrics are influenced by the Middle-East.

Band Members :   Marwan

- Biography -

3 albums

Al Thawra - Edifice


2010 - United States
Punk, Doom Metal, Crust
CD Album11 Tracks
Shaman Records , Najdiyya Records, Popsensati...

Al Thawra - Who Benefits From War?

Who Benefits From War?

2008 - United States
Punk, Hardcore, Doom Metal
CD Album7 Tracks
Najdiyya Records, Azadghei Records

Al Thawra - Wasteland


2008 - United States
Drone, Experimental, Ambient
CDr Album1 Tracks
Najdiyva Records


Albums Downloads

  Al Thawra - Edifice - 2010 (U$a)       1
  Al Thawra - Who Benefits From War? - 2008 (U$a)       1

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