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 Misconceptions about punk..
Misconceptions about punk [by nodogs_nomasters @ 14-09-2014]

People have a lot of them. So what are some of the most absurd you've heard of in your day? Mine's probably that The Sex Pistols are the punkest motherfuckers to ever walk the earth and were the fathers of punk. My brother trie (...)

3 replies - last post by 363 @ 16-09-2014 03:03
 socially anxious Anarcho ..
socially anxious Anarcho punk [by KillCops4Satan @ 11-09-2014]

hi everyone... I'm from Texas and there's only druggies and scum punks where I'm from so I thought I'd see what's up on here. Hope to meet some cool people =) (...)

8 replies - last post by nodogs_nomasters @ 14-09-2014 00:16
 Still a punk ... just got..
Still a punk ... just got a bit old and falling apart [by Hatiwolf @ 07-09-2014]

They still cant take my blue hawk from me ... but the body aint the same once you get into your 30s with all the wars of youth. No longer an anarchist after the next generation let me down. Was going to get a blue anarchy tat on t (...)

0 reply - last post by Hatiwolf @ 07-09-2014 07:08
 Diemonsterdie - Honor Thy..
Diemonsterdie - Honor Thy Dead (2009) [by TheUndeadfan @ 06-09-2014]

Does anyone have Diemonsterdie - Honor Thy Dead (2009) mp3? They're Horror Punk. (...)

0 reply - last post by TheUndeadfan @ 06-09-2014 19:25
 Guerilla Radio - Anarchis..
Guerilla Radio - Anarchist web radio [by ungovernable @ 05-09-2014]

A friend's radio (ran by the people from A-Revolt Digital Anarchy) You can listen to it from your web browser. Check it out ! http://www. (...)

3 replies - last post by punkmar77 @ 06-09-2014 07:03
 Degenerates - We Are Dege..
Degenerates - We Are Degenerates (2006) [by ConflictExploited @ 05-09-2014]

I'm requesting Degenerates - We Are Degenerates (2006). They're a Hardcore Punk band. Thanks. (...)

0 reply - last post by ConflictExploited @ 05-09-2014 03:13
 Children with special nee..
Children with special needs in anarchism? [by taufan99 @ 04-09-2014]

Does anybody here know if there are any children with special needs involved in anarchism and/or radical activism? I really wonder if there are any. But if there really are, that'd be very amusing. (...)

2 replies - last post by Hatiwolf @ 07-09-2014 07:16
 Taufan99 introduces himse..
Taufan99 introduces himself [by taufan99 @ 02-09-2014]

Hello guys, I am taufan99, a bored 15-year-old boy coming from a cold city that is Malang, located in East Java, Indonesia. I like almost ALL music genres, as long as I like them (especially underground music genres, like hardcore (...)

1 reply - last post by RememberGlencoe @ 02-09-2014 21:44
 Secta Suicida 7" and..
Secta Suicida 7" and Cassette Out Now [by discosmmm @ 02-09-2014]

OUT NOW: ------------------------- (MMM-012: SECTA SUICIDA s/t 7&quot;) Bogota, Colombia is an unlikely place to find a punk band with a record, let alone a punk record--there are no record pressing plants and very few record s (...)

0 reply - last post by discosmmm @ 02-09-2014 00:03
 His Hero Is Gone - Monume..
His Hero Is Gone - Monument to Thieves [by NoGodsNoMasters38 @ 30-08-2014]

Does anyone have a WORKING link to his hero is gone - monument to thieves? (and please not from uloz.to, that site hates me for some reason) (...)

0 reply - last post by NoGodsNoMasters38 @ 30-08-2014 14:47

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Postby anarcho-punk.net on 10/08/2009, 08:27

http://www.mediafire.com/file/imnflyoemct/Active Minds + Petrograd - 1998 - Split (LP) [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].zip
(click on the link above to download the album)
NOTE: If you like the album, support the scene and buy it from an underground distro or from the band itself!


Active Minds & Petrograd Front.jpg
Active Minds & Petrograd Review.txt
Active Minds - 01 - Jackboots And Braces.mp3
Active Minds - 02 - Walking Billboards.mp3
Active Minds - 03 - The Triumph Of The Till.mp3
Active Minds - 04 - Lynching Party Politics.mp3
Active Minds - 05 - Sponge.mp3
Active Minds - 06 - Smile You're On Candid Camera.mp3
Active Minds - 07 - Democracy Sounds Like A Good Idea To Me.mp3
Pertograd - 08 - 1997.mp3
Pertograd - 09 - Chamaleon.mp3
Pertograd - 10 - Seven.mp3
Pertograd - 11 - Jumble.mp3
Pertograd - 12 - Cotton Myth.mp3
Pertograd - 13 - Pay To Play.mp3
Pertograd - 14 - Pooh.mp3
Pertograd - 15 - Romeo And Julian.mp3
Pertograd - 16 - Perhaps One Day.mp3

Note: The biography is automatically taken from Last.fm and may be inaccurate. We have no control over it.

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