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 Need Advice..
Need Advice [by NickF @ 04-02-2016]

Hi everybody. I've been a member here for around a year but I rarely log in. I'm 24 years old and currently live at home in a very stressful and unhealthy situation. I've had pretty severe mental health issues since my early teens (...)

3 replies - last post by punkmar77 @ 06-02-2016 02:52
 new server is here !..
new server is here ! [by ungovernable @ 02-02-2016]

We have just completed the migration to the new server ! All users should now be redirected to the new server but some of them may not be able to reach the new server until 48 hours depending on your internet provider. The last s (...)

1 reply - last post by SmokeyJoe @ 04-02-2016 02:29
 Audio Zine #8..
Audio Zine #8 [by decol @ 02-02-2016]

Capitalism is a pyramid scheme http://vocaroo.com/i/s1H3dl68VUYd (...)

0 reply - last post by decol @ 02-02-2016 04:25
 Gross Evolution - Party P..
Gross Evolution - Party People [by flanarchistrecords @ 30-01-2016]


0 reply - last post by flanarchistrecords @ 30-01-2016 06:46
 Rosa Parks Czech republic..
Rosa Parks Czech republic [by rotten77 @ 30-01-2016]

DIY videoclip https://youtu.be/1FswHb6rsNQ all downloads songs http://bandzone.cz (...)

0 reply - last post by rotten77 @ 30-01-2016 03:39
 Ruining Metal - Racism in..
Ruining Metal - Racism in metal [by jolleypunk96 @ 29-01-2016]

So I'm not sure how many of you have heard about this recent news https://youtu.be/rVaUlXfvOHg , but it appears that the racist &quot;southern metal&q (...)

2 replies - last post by JawnLobotomy @ 04-02-2016 22:36
Hello! [by jolleypunk96 @ 29-01-2016]

Hi everyone, I'm Bryson. I live in Utah, USA. I'm new to this community, so I'm not sure how any of this works at all. I became an anarchist when I started reading into anarchism after being told it was a load of bull shit. After (...)

4 replies - last post by SmokeyJoe @ 02-02-2016 04:03
 Revitalizing APN..
Revitalizing APN [by Vulture @ 28-01-2016]

Oi, I seem to be the only one on here these days. I doubt I'm that boring. Anyway, I'm doing my best to give word of APN around Tumblr and by other means. Let's spread the word of this invaluable musical community and download (...)

15 replies - last post by SmokeyJoe @ 06-02-2016 03:20
 Flier and Propaganda File..
Flier and Propaganda File Sharing (drop links to your fliers) [by Vulture @ 26-01-2016]

Hey, For the sake of sharing ideas on mind-sparking fliers and Anarchist propaganda, I am opening this up for D.I.Y. designers who want to spread discontent and disrupt the prejudices most people hold to Anarchy. Others, then, ca (...)

2 replies - last post by Vulture @ 26-01-2016 05:36
 How do you intoduce Anarc..
How do you intoduce Anarchy to a white sheep? [by Vulture @ 26-01-2016]

Okay, here's the scenario: You're walking down the street, as usual. This middle-aged guy asks you why you have such a horrible patch on your pants (you have a huge Circle-A on your thigh). How do you respond? How do you defend (...)

8 replies - last post by SmokeyJoe @ 06-02-2016 20:35

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 Ruining Metal - Racism in metal
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Rudimentary Peni - 1988 - Cacophony [APN]

Find more downloads by Rudimentary Peni Click here to learn how to download music on Anarcho-Punk.net
English-speaking Anarcho-Punk and other anarchist bands of related scenes (Oi!, crust, d-beat, etc, ...)

Rudimentary Peni - 1988 - Cacophony [APN]

Postby anarcho-punk.net on 10/07/2013, 00:10

http://www.pirate-punk.com/Rudimentary Peni - 1988 - Cacophony.zip
This file is hosted on Anarcho-Punk.net servers. Fast download, no ad ! Click on the link above to download the album
NOTE: If you like the album, support the scene and buy it from an underground distro or from the band itself!

• Rudimentary Peni - 1988 - Cacophony
• 01 Nightgaunts [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 02 The Horrrors In The Museum [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 03 The Only Child [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 04 Architectonic And Dominant [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 05 The Evil Clergyman [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 06 Brown Jenkin [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 07 Crazed Couplet [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 08 Sarcophagus [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 09 Lovecraft Baby [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 10 Dream City [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 11 C12 H22 O11 [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 12 Zenophobia [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 13 Sunset For The Lords Of Venus [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 14 Beyond The Tanarian Hills [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 15 Imps Of The Preverse [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 16 The Dead Loved [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 17 Periwig Power [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 18 Kappa Alpha Tau [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 19 American Anglophile In The World Turned Upside-Down [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 20 Memento Mori [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 21 Better Not Born [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 22 Arkham Hearse [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 23 The Old Man Is Not So Terribly Misanthropic [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 24 Gentlemen Prefer Blood [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 25 Sonia [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 26 The Day The Universe Ceased (March 15th 1937) [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 27 The Crime Of The Century [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 28 Musick In Diabola [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 29 Shard [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• 30 Black On Gold [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].mp3
• Albumart {965fcaa9-4b25-4e7d-9c30-30d067eb105c} Large [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].jpg
• Folder [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].jpg
• Thumbs.db
www.Anarcho-Punk.net [www.Anarcho-Punk.net].txt

Biography of Rudimentary Peni:
Rudimentary Peni (1980 - present) emerged from the anarcho-punk scene in the UK in the early eighties as one of the most novel and recognizable acts of the era.

Lead singer/guitarist Nick Blinko is notorious for his witty macabre lyrics and dark pen-and-ink artwork, prominently featured on all of Rudimentary Peni's albums. Blinko is also rumored to have written the band's Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric album whilst resident in a psychiatric hospital, having suffered from mental illness most of his life, as such, the subject matter of the album relates to the delusions Nick was experiencing at the time, particularly the idea that he was said Pope. Nick's subject matter has been influenced by the work of H.P. Lovecraft who he had studied after having delusions of the macabre element of life and hereafter. Bassist Grant Matthews has also written a number of songs for the band, though his lyrics primarily focus on sociopolitical themes. The band also features drummer Jon Greville.

Very few photos exist of the band, as their albums feature Blinko's drawings, but artist and record label owner Pushead published a few photos of the band in an early edition of his magazine.

The band had early connections with Crass, and released their Farce EP on Crass Records. Though they stopped performing in the 1980s after bassist Grant Matthews was diagnosed with cancer, they continue to record and release material today, though they rarely give interviews. Nick Blinko has also become increasingly popular in the Outsider Art scene, and wrote an autobiographical novel entitled "The Primal Screamer", revered amongst his fans to be a literary masterpiece.

Musicians of a variety of genres (from thrashcore to death metal to apocalyptic folk) have taken influence from the work of Rudimentary Peni. There is even an all-girl high school cover band that does all Rudimentary Peni. The legend created by Rudimentary Peni is part in thanks to their evasion of media coverage and the spread of misinformation.

A new album, No More Pain EP was released on May 5th 2008. Nick Blinko has also finished a new untitled novel, due out sometime in the near future. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Note: The biography is automatically taken from Last.fm and may be inaccurate. We have no control over it.

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