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 Evora-Soli @ Pankahyttn 0..
Evora-Soli @ Pankahyttn 05.mai 2016 Vienna (AT) [by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016]

06.Mai 2016, Pankahyttn Vienna (AT) Johnstr 45 Allex Alert, WTZ, Crapoids, Fuck This Band, ZxUxA, soli-cocktails, grillerei; start 15:00 Wer sind wir Wir, die evolutionäre Randgruppe, sind ein unkommerzielles, selbstverwalt (...)

1 reply - last post by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016 06:58
 Oi Polloi @ Pankahyttn Vi..
Oi Polloi @ Pankahyttn Vienna Di.10.05.2016 [by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016]

[img:6k361qso]http&#58;//www&#46;pankahyttn&#46;at/sites/default/files/thumb_flyer_oipolloi2016%20klein&#46;jpg[/img:6k361qso] sometimes antisocial - always antifascist! Wir, die Pankahyttn, leben im Haus Johnstraße Nummer 45, (...)

0 reply - last post by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016 06:31
 Destroy the Borders Brenn..
Destroy the Borders Brenner(o) (IT/AT) 07. may 2016 [by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016]

DESTROY THE BORDERS The Austrian State has announced the closure of the border of the Brenner at the beginning of April. This means: steel fences, barbed wire on the paths, inspections on the highways, on the federal roads, on t (...)

1 reply - last post by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016 06:27
 new Squat Inde Koper/Capo..
new Squat Inde Koper/Capodistre (SLO) [by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016]

slo: http://www.indeplatforma.org/ ita: http://www.indeplatforma.org/it/ (...)

0 reply - last post by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016 06:22
 No Border Camp Thessaloni..
No Border Camp Thessaloniki (GR) 15.-24. July 2016 [by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016]

[img:337yju7z]http&#58;//noborder2016&#46;espivblogs&#46;net/files/2016/03/logo&#46;png[/img:337yju7z] (sry, only german version yet... ) Einladung Wir laden radikale, antikapitalistische und antirassistische Gruppen, Kollektiv (...)

0 reply - last post by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016 06:15
 Anarchist Black Cross Fes..
Anarchist Black Cross Festival IV Vienna (AT) 28.-30. April [by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016]

All workshops and events etc. will be held within the E.K.H./Wielandgasse 2-4, Wien-Favoriten (1100) there will be english/german translation if needed at every workshop! all workshops/talks will take place @ Medienwerkstatt/EKH! (...)

1 reply - last post by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016 06:50
 10th Balkan Anarchist Boo..
10th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair Ioannina (GR) 23-25 June 2016 [by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016]

[img:2v40kyx1]http&#58;//bab2016&#46;espivblogs&#46;net/files/2016/03/BAB2016-logo-1024x402&#46;jpg[/img:2v40kyx1] 10th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair Ioannina 23-25 June 2016, Alsos Park The Balkan Anarchist Bookfair was first organ (...)

0 reply - last post by pizzapirat @ 28-04-2016 06:04
 hi from portugal..
hi from portugal [by riot74 @ 25-04-2016]

hi ! i am luis from portugal (lisbon) , i'm 41, i love punk rock since my teen years...im not a punk rocker with spyke hair and leather jacket, in fact i'm a pacific family man, but from music to politics i'm into anarchism with h (...)

1 reply - last post by punkmar77 @ 26-04-2016 01:48
 Entrails Massacre + Fubar..
Entrails Massacre + Fubar à la Rouille/44 [by playfastordrunk @ 22-04-2016]

[img:3v3sr3pu]http&#58;//ifeelgoodrecords&#46;com/dotclear/public/IMG/CONCERTS/2016_05_15_Forum&#46;jpg[/img:3v3sr3pu] Concert à la Rouille (44/Soudan) Dimanche 15 mai 2016 19h, prix libre avec: ENTRAILS MASSACRE (Grindcore/All (...)

0 reply - last post by playfastordrunk @ 22-04-2016 12:43
Hello [by MHDrunk @ 15-04-2016]

I am a 25 year old man from Melbourne, Australia, a longtime fan of classic &amp; extreme metal, mainly 80s and early 90s stuff. I also like some crust &amp; 80s hardcore (especially Japanese) on the side. I would like to contribu (...)

1 reply - last post by Vulture @ 23-04-2016 20:06

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 Re: Evora-Soli @ Pankahyttn 05.mai 2016 Vienna (AT)
 Evora-Soli @ Pankahyttn 05.mai 2016 Vienna (AT)
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 Destroy the Borders Brenner(o) (IT/AT) 07. may 2016
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 Re: Hello fellow comrades
 Re: @yy lmao
 Re: I'm back
 Re: @yy lmao
 @yy lmao

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Amebix - No Santuary: The Spiderleg Recordings - 2008 (UK)

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English-speaking Anarcho-Punk and other anarchist bands of related scenes (Oi!, crust, d-beat, etc, ...)

Amebix - No Santuary: The Spiderleg Recordings - 2008 (UK)

Postby Bentheanarchist on 22/02/2012, 17:30

(click on the link above to download the album)
NOTE: If you like the album, support the scene and buy it from an underground distro or from the band itself!


1. Battery Humans
2. Control
3. Progress?
4. Sanctuary
5. The Church Is For Sinners
6. Sunshine Ward (Glad To Be Bad)
7. Moscow Madness (No Gods Part 2)
8. Winter
9. Beginning Of The End
10. Carnage
11. Curfew
12. Belief
13. No Gods No Masters

Biography of Amebix:
Amebix were a British crust punk band that formed in 1978. Many consider them to have started the subgenre crust punk, by mixing heavy metal with anarcho-punk. They established crust as being separate from thrash metal by mixing post-punk music with metal riffs and atmospheres, as opposed to thrash bands' mixing of metal music with punk rawness and speed. They were originally called The Band With No Name, and shared a squat in Bristol for part of their career. Their music, heavily influenced by Motörhead (and to a lesser extent Lemmy-era Hawkwind), Black Sabbath, Venom and early Killing Joke, combined with an ethos and worldview akin to Crass, represented their non-traditional lifestyles.

Amebix had an early track called "University Challenged" which appeared on the first Crass Records "Bullshit Detector" Compilation LP.

Their music blended hardcore and heavy metal into a form of early thrash metal. Such notable talents as Nausea (NY), Extinction of Mankind, Sepultura, Choking Victim, Neurosis, Napalm Death, and Deviated Instinct have paid homage to these masters.

The band split in 1987 after release/distribution difficulties associated with the Monolith LP.

Members went on to perform in Zygote. Bassist/vocalist "the Baron" now lives on the Gaelic speaking Isle of Skye and makes ceremonial swords.

In 2008 they reformed with ex Nausea drummer Roy Mayorga and have made few tours since. Most notable the U.S. one. They are now going strong after the reunion, having released an EP of re-recorded old material called Redux in 2010.

As of 2011 they have released a new album Sonic Mass.
They disbanded on 28 November 2012. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

Similar artists:
Deviated Instinct
Anti Cimex
Note: The biography is automatically taken from Last.fm and may be inaccurate. We have no control over it.
If it had not been for these things, I might have lived out my life talking at street corners to scorning men. I might have died, unmarked, unknown, a failure. Now we are not a failure. This is our career and our triumph. Never in our full life could we hope to do such work for tolerance, for justice, for man's understanding of man as now we do by accident. Our words — our lives — our pains — nothing! The taking of our lives — lives of a good shoemaker and a poor fish-peddler — all! That last moment belongs to us — that agony is our triumph - Bartolomeo Vanzetti

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